Happy Birthday, Y-Y

My Dear Little Y,

I can't believe a whole year has passed since you were born. It seems so long. Yet so short. I feel like you have always been a part of us. Of me. And always will.

Your giggles and rare kisses bring joy to each of us like nothing else can. Except maybe that little duck curl at the back of your head, which despite what our friends think, curls into the perfect horizontal ringlet all by itself.

We love how you dance and crawl when you're excited. Your big-diapered bum swings wide back and forth. More often than not, if you are crawling super-speed, you are either headed to the stairs or the piano. Oh, and you always have your curly tongue stuck out to one side.

You haven't gained weight for six months, but you still have those soft, fluffy cheeks that are irresistable. When you get bugged that I won't stop kissing you, I have to remind you that, if I have to carry around a 25 pound baby, I'm gonna' kiss him. End of story.

Speaking of stories, you looooove books. Almost as much as the piano.

Your favorite words to say are: "Mama", "Dadda", "All Done", and "Up Top". You're also quite proud of your clapping and waving skills.

Your favorite food is cooked carrots. Apparently they're a lot more exciting than birthday brownies!?

I love you more than I can say,
Your Mama.


  1. Hey, this is your neighbor Steph. I saw that you had a link to your blog on an email I got for book club. Cute valentines crafts!

  2. Oh that boy!! Sometimes Terry and I just stare at his picture and smile and laugh because he is so cute and everything he does is cute. Then we get sad because we miss being in Utah close to "ya'll".