Dear Mother Nature. Thanks for the Snow.

One day last week, My Bebe said that he didn't have that much work to do. Hallelujah! I said. Let's do something fun in the morning. Then I told the kids, and Bubs, in an unusually sarcastic tone, said, What? Like go to the store and not buy anything?

We're certainly feeling the pinch of the economy like most of you probably are. I wracked my brain in frustration for a free place to go in freezing weather, other than, you know, the store...and came up empty.
BUT, the next morning we woke up to snow. Not a whole lot. Just enough for a free family activity.
Thanks, Mother Nature.

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  1. Love it! With that pitiful amount of snow, most wouldn't have bothered. I love it when people make the best of what they have!