Introducing Us.

For some weird reason, a first post is kind of intimidating, isn't it? Even though I have transferred hundreds of posts from my other blogs over to here, I'm stressing about making this first post something special.

So, what is special to me? Nothing more than my family.

Without further ado, meet my inspirations.

Here we are with a warm welcome to our new blog where I will be discussing Clean Reads, picture books, crafts, learning ideas, day-to-day life, Christianity, and all other things ME.


  1. Congratulations, Emily!! What a beautiful family. The new munchkin is adorable :).

  2. Congratulations on a beautiful baby and lovely family. I look forward to the new blog. Love it!

  3. An Irish blessing for your new “home”

    May good fortune and good friends always find you where ever you roam

    May troubles and gloom never find your new home.....

    I have enjoyed your Deliciously Clean Read recommendations. I am looking forward to more recommendations and what ever new insights you have in store for us on this grand adventure!

    Thank you for sharing with us!

    PS Cute family!

  4. That's it, I want a pet name too! And, it can't be Jannah Banana. I need to feel specially loved by you... can't wait to hear what it is!! :)

  5. Thanks for the well-wishes!

    And, uh, Jannah, if being my BBF (Best Bosom Friend) isn't good enough for you...I don't know what will ever satisfy you. :)