The Hound of Rowan: Book One of the Tapestry by Henry Neff

Review by Amanda Snow of A Patchwork of Books

While on a trip to an art museum with his dad, Max McDaniels comes across an interesting tapestry that seems to glow when he looks at it. Soon after, he receives a most unusual invitation to a school, far away in New England. So starts The Hound of Rowan: Book One of the Tapestry the first title in a promising new series by Henry Neff. After much debate and discussion with a strange representative from the school, Max makes the decision to attend Rowan Academy, where he will take care of a magical creature, train his newfound abilities on the Course, make friends with kids from all over the world, and ultimately build up power against the Enemy. Filled with ogres, crazy classes, and intimidating teachers, from page one this book had me turning pages, earnestly wanting to find out what was to happen next. I am now a huge fan of Max McDaniels!

Do we have any Harry Potter fans out there? I'm sure there are lots of you! When I first picked up The Hound of Rowan: Book One of the Tapestry by Henry Neff, I was afraid of a miserable Potter rip-off. The similarities to the much-loved series seemed quite high and I was really worried that I would end up putting the book down after only a couple of chapters, disappointed with a failed look alike. The exact opposite happened. True, the similarities to the Harry Potter premise are somewhat high. A boy, a school, an enemy, becoming friends with outcasts, having extreme powers, etc. There is still a uniqueness to the story and even with the similarities, the writing is excellent and is bound to draw you in. I fell in love with a new series, but unlike Harry Potter, where I now have seven books at my disposal, this one is fairly new, the second book (came out last month).

Head to your library or bookstore to check this one out, I guarantee you will not be disappointed.

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