THE SCRIBE by Francine Rivers

THE SCRIBE by Francine Rivers

Review by Lauren, regular contributor.
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The Scribe, the fifth and final book in Francine Rivers' Sons of Encouragement Series, is the story of Silas, an important figure in the early church. The story begins shortly before the apostle Peter's death, but much of the narrative focuses on Silas' memories of the events surrounding Jesus' ministry, Jesus' death, and the spread of the gospel after Jesus' resurrection. The book is short and easy to read, but it carries a powerful punch. As with all the books in this series, I am so glad I read it.

Although this is a fictional story, Mrs. Rivers sticks closely to the Biblical text; the details she adds are based on research and what she believes could have happened. One of the aspects of this book that I appreciated was that after reading this book, I wanted to reread the Biblical account to compare and contrast the two. Additionally, reading this book gave me a greater appreciation for the historical setting and the context in which the early Christians lived.

The other books in this series are written in a similar style; they tell the stories of Aaron, Caleb, Jonathan, and Amos. Mrs. Rivers also has five books, called the Lineage of Grace Series, highlighting the five women that are named in the lineage of Christ: Tamar, Rahab, Ruth, Bathsheba, and Mary (I enjoyed this series tremendously). Be sure to give these books a try!

This book is suitable for older teens and adults.

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